Driving along the road in the hills from Casteggio to Montalto Pavese, you get to Castel del Lupo, a well-known place among wine lovers, but also among those who enjoy breathtaking views. Here you can see all the way to Pavia and beyond, right to the Alps, where you can identify the Monte Rosa massif. Here a team of passionate professionals works in an environment of great earnestness and complicity. Everything revolves the figure of around Giovanni Doglio, who has more than forty years of experience in managing wineries.


Son and grandson of Piedmontese winemakers, he is an agronomist who loves this land and, since his arrival at Castel del Lupo, Giovanni has led the growth process of this winery, always and persistently following the path of product quality and respect for nature. Alberto Marini and Daniele Zangelmi are two enologists with great vision and experience who work at Castel del Lupo alongside Giovanni, Paolo Ceserini, the young cellarman, and Nicola Olareanu, in charge of the agricultural side. In the name of a family continuity, Federica Doglio, Giovanni’s daughter, is part of the second generation at Castel del Lupo, that brings with her new openings. After her studies overseas she decided to come back to this land that has always fascinated her. Today she is in charge of foreign markets.